About Tara


Tara photoTara’s instruction is thoughtful, well organized, invigorating yet relaxing, precise but playful, fun and thought provoking. She takes the time to get to know and connect with each student, so the practice they create is unique and tailored to address the physical, mental and emotional needs of each student.

As a lifelong athlete, Tara fell in love with the strength and flexibility yoga provided. As her practice grew, she discovered that meditation, breath-work and mindfulness are invaluable life tools that help to create peace and calm in the sometimes challenging adventure of life. She believes all of the skills practiced on the yoga mat are huge advantages to life-off-the-mat.

Tara received her initial 200 hour yoga certification in 2008 and finished a 500 hour Yoga Therapy Teacher training program in 2015. She teaches classes to a number of very diverse communities that include able-bodied adults and children, but also those suffering from or diagnosed with high blood pressure, strokes, cancer, Parkinson’s, anxiety, depression, injuries to bones and soft tissue, arthritis, ADHD, dementia, asthma, surgery recovery and much more.

Tara also has a BA in Psychology from the University of Southern California and a Holistic Nutritional Coaching Certificate. When she’s not busy teaching and practicing yoga, She likes to hike, run, knit, read, cook and hang out with her 4 young-adult sons.

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