Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy sessions are always tailored specifically to you. Your health and wellness needs will be assessed and addressed from a holistic perspective. In each session, you will practice tools to help guide you to better physical and/or mental health.

Yoga Therapy combines traditional yoga practices and philosophy with ayurvedic principles and Western psychology to provide tools to better address many physical and mental health challenges. Each session is specifically catered to the individual and their health and wellness needs. Most sessions will include asana (posture) practice and breath and mindfulness exercises to create greater personal awareness and an improved body-mind connection.

Private ~ Semi-private Therapeutic Yoga session
—-The tools of Therapeutic Yoga can help to:
  • cultivate greater well being
  • calm the nervous system
  • reduce anxiety
  • reduce physical and mental symptoms of many psychological disorders
  • increase attention
  • foster better emotional self regulation
  • increase the skills needed for social intelligence or more positive social interactions
  • improve sleep
—-Therapeutic Yoga uses a combination of
  • Breathing techniques
  • Meditation and Mindfulness tools
  • Games to create greater body awareness
  • Exercises to promote more synergy between breath, body and mind
  • Yoga postures to promote relaxation
  • Yoga postures to practice dealing with challenges
  • A lens to become more aware of repetitive mind, body and breathing habits that get in the way of living life fully.
*Call Tara at 503-939-4826 or email to schedule an appointment or set up a free phone consultation.

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